Moon Mountain Species Lists
This document has vascular plant, bird and butterfly lists for Moon Mountain Park, Eugene, OR.

» Download species lists [pdf]

Native Plants of the Southern Willamette Valley: a Resource List for Homeowners and Professionals
This list of about 380 plants native to the southern Willamette Valley includes for each species: moisture and light requirements, values, special uses, abundance by habitat, bloom time and color, size and other information. It is in 4 parts:

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Native Willamette Valley Butterflies and Native Host Plants
This document is a large spreadsheet of native Willamette Valley butterflies (using common names only, for simplicity), and the native host plants which they have been observed using (by Family, Latin name and common name). Some of the observations are from nearby states, so the specific plants used are interpreted here; i.e. a local taxon may be substituted for a similar one documented nearby. Plants that are documented (D) and suspected (S) as being used are shown for each butterfly species where information exists. Plant names and synonyms can be found on the Oregon Plant Atlas web site.

» Download Top 20 list of native butterfly host and nectar plants [pdf]
» Download detailed list of native host plants and butterflies [pdf]

Native Pollinator Plants
This is a list and photographs of plants that have nectar, pollen or both that attract repeated visits from numerous species of native bees, bee-flies and other insect pollinators. The second list is a bar graph listing species, and showing flower color bars and blooming times throughout the growing season.

» Download Native Pollinator Plant List (with photos; 5 pages) [pdf]
» Download Native Pollinator Plant Bloom Time Table (1 page) [pdf]

Native Bird Plants
This is a list of plants which have nuts or other fruits, or which attract insects - both of which attract native birds. It also identifies plants which produce nectar attractive to hummingbirds.

» Download Native Bird Plants [pdf]

Links to projects authored, co-authored or contributed to:

Field Guide to Sedges of the Pacific Northwest (book order):

Checklist of Vascular Plants of Lane County (click on Checklist; preparation of an update is underway):

Rare Plants of Lane County (Emerald Chapter NPSO list; click on Rare Plants):

Butterflies of Lane County (photograph contributor; book order):

Native Plants for Native Birds of the Southern Willamette Valley:

Mushroom Species displayed at the Mt. Pisgah Mushroom Show 1983 - present, and a species list for Hendricks Park (both Eugene, Oregon), and a Lane County Common Fungi Checkoff list:

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