Services & Projects

Salix Associates provides services at both site and landscape/regional scales, including:
- biodiversity inventory,
- analysis and assessment of ecological conditions and relationships, and
- ecological habitat restoration and management planning.

The following table shows SA services in more detail.

  • Rare, threatened and endangered plants
  • Invasive plants
  • Vascular plant lists
  • Plant communities
  • Butterfly communities
  • Breeding birds
  • Difficult to ID plants (sedges, rushes, etc.)
  • Lowell Butte Inventory and Assessment
  • Grasshopper Mountain to Chucksney Mountain Plant & Butterfly Surveys
  • West Eugene Wetlands Butterfly Surveys
  • Fern Ridge Breeding Bird Surveys
  • TNC Coburg Ridge Native Plant Procurement Project
  • Berggren Water Conservation Area vegetation inventory
  • TNC: biodiversity inventory of 5 acquisition and easement sites
  • Yamhill County roadside Kincaid's Lupine surveys
  • TNC Willamette Confluence Project biodiversity inventory
  • Plant habitat suitability and occurrence
  • Exotic plant impacts
  • Butterfly host plant use
  • Native bee use of native plants
  • Wildlife habitat suitability and use
  • South Ridgeline Habitat Study
  • Moon Mountain Plant and Butterfly Survey
  • Fall Creek Reservoir Forest Habitat Assessment
  • Coyote Creek outreach and restoration assessment
  • Butterfly Host and Nectar Plant Analysis for the West Eugene Wetlands
  • The Twins Plant and Butterfly Assessment
  • Herbert Open Space Property Natural Resources Assessment
  • Baseline reports for 5 national forest Research Natural Areas and 5 Special Interest Areas
  • GPS field locations
  • Rare and invasive species occurrence
  • Plant communities
  • Plant and wildlife species occurrences
  • Ecological habitat restoration
  • Function and process restoration
  • Habitat management
  • Native and non-native (exotic) plant biogeography
  • Butterfly biogeography
  • Butterfly host plant use
  • Site ecological history
  • Vegetation monitoring
  • Photography of plants, butterflies, other pollinators, fungi
  • Native seed collection
  • Native landscaping to benefit plants, birds, butterflies & bees
  • BLM, USFS, TNC native seed projects
  • Native Plant Society of Oregon activities
  • N.Am. Butterfly Association activities

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